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Eastern Bristlebird

In these five samples I have tried to present an overview of Eastern Bristlebird calls from birds throughout their range, from S.E.Queensland through to N.E. Victoria. Sample 098-comp. is a composite drawn from my tape No. 098. It was recorded at Bristlebird Creek down off Duck Creek Road which leads to O'Reillys Guesthouse, SE Qld in Nov. 1993. That male bird had at least seven song variations and this sample presents three. Oddly, the only sound from the female is a soft chet-chet-chet at the beginning of the last song. Available space precludes the inclusion of a full song sequence - sometimes he continued with the one repeated phrase for over half a minute. In sample 189-310 from Jervis Bay, the first section (light traffic noise) is an antiphonal duet between the male and female of a breeding pair. She sings the second part of each phrase - towards the end, her responses change to a simple "zeet". The second section of this sample (heavy traffic noise) is another antiphonal duet, this time from a different pair. There is great variation in these complex duets and I am sure that all the birds in that area would recognise each of their neighbours from their songs, just as we do! Sample 086-comp, contains examples of three other calls, all from Jervis Bay. First is a male: "zit zit, male song, zit male song". The following slightly longer "zeets" interspersed with female song are from a female. These "zit" or "zeet" calls are probably an alert or mild alarm call. The final repeated " chet chet chet chet" calls are definite alarm calls, given for instance if you unwittingly approach fledglings. Sample 040-120 are duets of a single pair from Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, NSW. At first the female adds a simple "zeet zeet" to his songs - by the end, following his simple triplets, she adds quite a complicated phrase. Sample 190-200 was taken at Howe Flat in Croajingalong National Park, Victoria. It begins with six phrases of a male singing alone, then he changes tune and she joins in a duet.

519 Eastern Bristlebird 098-comp .
519 Eastern Bristlebird 189-310
519 Eastern Bristlebird 086-comp.
519 Eastern Bristlebird 040-120
519 Eastern Bristlebird 190-200

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