Graeme Chapman - natural history photographer - ornithologist

Bird calls / bird song
Bell Miner

The first two samples are just to give you an impression of the sound of a Bellbird colony. This continuous cacophany or symphony, depending on your point of view, continues from daylight to dark. The first of these, tape#125 I recorded near Lake Wonboyne, NSW. and the second, tape#177 at Bemboka, NSW. Sample three is a selection of what may be termed contact calls, low level chatter between members of a colony. Sample four is an attack by a group of birds on an unwanted intruder. Sample five includes distress calls from a miner and also calls from the goshawk which attacked the miner.

633 Bell Miner 125-230
633 Bell Miner 177-500
633 Bell Miner 177-470
633 Bell Miner 125-250
633 Bell Miner 125-212

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