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Bird calls / bird song
Rock Warbler

Rock Warblers are actually very specialised scrub-wrens. They have a very simple song, a repeated 'sweeyou' which doesn't carry very far (two examples in sample 102-300). Their relationship to scrubwrens is illustrated quite clearly in sample 102-280 of an alarm call, very similar sounding to the alarm of a White-browed Scrub-wren. Sample 102-320 is an example of a bird foraging and seemingly quietly singing to itself or so it might appear to us but more than likely its mate would be within earshot. Sample 102-240 includes the commonly heard contact calls, the main one, a single 'sweet' is the one you'll first hear if you go looking for Rock Warblers. I recorded all these calls at Boyd Lookout (great views) about 50 km south of Nowra on the NSW south coast, also a great place for Rock Warblers but not so wonderful for little kids or even accident prone adults - there are some long drops between the huge sandstone rock massifs.

505 Rock Warbler 102-300
505 Rock Warbler 102-280
505 Rock Warbler 102-320
505 Rock Warbler 102-240

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