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Bird calls / bird song
Eastern Shrike-tit

Virtually everywhere you go in eastern Australia the song of the Eastern Shrike-tit is different. Whether this variation is regional or individual I don't know, probably both. It would make an interesting research project to record several individuals in each of a number of habitats and localities throughout the range, both north to south and east to west. The variation would be complex. Only the songs seem to vary - to my ear the contact calls sound much the same from place to place. In these few samples I've tried to present some idea of the variation. Sample 097-050 is from wet forest near Coffs Harbour, NSW. The single downslurred syllable in this song is rather like that of a bronze-cuckoo. Sample 148-250 from Sundown N. P. in SE Qld. is a two-syllable song, otherwise quite like the previous sample. Sample 116-010 is from Oallen Ford near Braidwood, NSW. This song has quite a different structure to the first two and is followed by a series of rapidly repeated contact calls which I would classify as mild alarm. Sample 124-350 is what the birds sound like in the rain forest of S. E. Qld. - very different. Songs from two different birds comprise this sample which is from Green Mountains in Lamington N. P. Sample 148-300 is again from Sundown N.P. in SE Qld. Two birds were foraging together and this is the chatter between them.

416 Eastern Shrike-tit 097-050
416 Eastern Shrike-tit 148-250
416 Eastern Shrike-tit 116-010
416 Eastern Shrike-tit 124-350
416 Eastern Shrike-tit 148-300

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