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Bird calls / bird song

Spinifexbirds have three distinctive calls. The first is a short "tick", probably a contact call and not an easy call to locate - at present I've not recorded this call. Next is what is generally regarded as an alarm call, a repeated Cht - cht - cht ........ as in sample 051-090. If you approach a nest or young the adults will give this call. Lastly, the song which seems to be given only by the male. Sample 079-076 is a brief song; after the second phrase by the male the female adds a double "chit-it" - this has been called an antiphonal duet in the literature. Sample 054-500 is another song. 054-520 is the same bird, a different variation and there is a faint reply from another bird after the 7th (last) phrase. 054-530 is the same bird again - two more variations of the song.

507 Spinifexbird 051-090
507 Spinifexbird 079-076
507 Spinifexbird 054-500
507 Spinifexbird 054-520
507 Spinifexbird 054-530

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