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Bird calls / bird song
Speckled Warbler

Speckled Warblers are so well camouflaged as they forage across the ground that their sweet song is often the first clue to their presence. It is a soft little song which doesn't carry very far and often difficult to pinpoint. Other clues are the little contact calls (147-010) which are usually interspersed with the songs. During territorial encounters, males may fly up to a vantage point and sing in a more sustained fashion. They fly off with a distinctive whirr of the wings, a trait which they share with their close relative, the Redthroat. The songs, alarm and contact calls on tape 147 I recorded at Beeron National Park in Queensland. The other song on tape 035B and the flight sounds are from Round Hill Nature Reserve in NSW. Speckled Warblers, like many other of our scrubwrens are quite good mimics.

504 Speckled Warbler 147-050
504 Speckled Warbler song 035B-100
504 Speckled Warbler W/whirr 035B-150
504 Speckled Warbler alarm 147-250
504 Speckled Warbler contact 147-010

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