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Bird calls / bird song
Chiming Wedgebill

Chiming Wedgebills have a very different song to Chirruping Wedgebills and in common with all the members of the genus Psophodes (and contrary to previously published information) they also sing a duet with the male and female of a pair calling together. With Chiming Wedgebills however, the duet is not a synchronised song where the female "adds her little bit" to the end of the male's call; she simply chips in with a call of her own every now and then while her mate is singing. She also gives her call alone (sample #3), but again, contrary to published information, I've never seen her utter the characteristic, repeated 5 syllable descending song of the male (sample #1).

Chiming Wedgebill, male, Bush Bay W.A.
Chiming Wedgebill, duet, Bush Bay W.A.
Chiming Wedgebill, female, Bush Bay, W.A.
Chiming Wedgebill, duet, Andado, N.T.
Chiming Wedgebill, another duet, Andado, N.T.

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