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Bird calls / bird song
Golden Whistler

The Golden Whistler is undoubtedly one of our virtuoso songbirds. Sample LS100196, a male from Beerwah in Queensland is a classic example - the variations he includes in his repertoire are seemingly endless. Sample LS 100035 is a confrontation between two males at Sundown N.P. in southern Qld. Sample LS100147 is from dense rainforest on the Atherton Tableland in Qld., again two birds. This time there is a slight echo effect which often happens in dense forest. Sample 001B-220 is a lone male quietly singing in rainforest at O'Reillys Rainforest Resort in southern Qld. Like the male in the first sample he uses quite a bit of variation. Sample 028-020 is from near Canberra. This male, quietly singing at first, hears another bird and changes his tune to a louder and more complicated song.

398 Golden Whistler LS100196
398 Golden Whistler LS100135
398 Golden Whistler LS 100147
398 Golden Whistler 001B-220
398 Golden Whistler 028-020

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