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Bird calls / bird song
Grey Whistler

The almost wistful song of a Grey Whistler is probably the most un-whistler like sounding song of any of that group in Australia. Sample 079-270 is a bird from Darwin, the subspecies simplex, once classed as a full species called the Brown Whistler. Listen also to sample LS00127 which contains some sub-song, only audible at close quarters. Birds from the rain forests of NE Queensland, subspecies peninsularis, sound a bit different. Sample 090-300 is song from Lockerbie Scrub on Cape York. Sample 180-100 from Kingfisher Park at Julatten is a bit tricky. Some of the time the bird utters a two note call which could be mistaken for a pardalote plus a short song at the end.

406 Grey Whistler 079-270
406 Grey Whistler LS00127
406 Grey Whistler 090-300
406 Grey Whistler 180-100

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