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Bird calls / bird song

Sample 207-110 from SE Qld is the typical cicada-like territorial song from which southern birds derive their name. It is quite loud and can be heard from a kilometre or so away. Sample 207-085 from SE Qld is a series of close contact "tewit" calls, usually given between members of a pair or family. They are the most frequently uttered calls but probably not the most frequently heard unless you happen to live somewhere near a nesting pair - unlike the main territorial call, they don't carry very far. Sample 207-250 is also from S E Queensland, tewit calls, a territorial song and some clicking calls which were part of a male/female interaction. The sample LS-022 is a male song from the Archer River on Cape York - very different from birds down south.( the loud calls in the background are Yellow Orioles, so loud they are impossible to exclude). There are suggestions that these northern birds might be a different species.These northern birds also give the "tewit" close contact calls.

429 Cicadabird 207-110
429 Cicadabird 207-085
429 Cicadabird 207-250
429 Cicadabird LS-022

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