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Bird calls / bird song
Russet - tailed Thrush

The song of the Russet-tailed Thrush is fairly stereotyped and in my experience varies little from place to place. The simple "eeeooo tooo" phrase, repeated at about three second intervals carries quite well through the rain forest. By contrast, the softer, more complex and almost blackbird-like song of the Bassian Thrush is quite different, so these two very similar looking species are best identified by song. Both these ground thrushes can best be heard singing at dawn and dusk. During the day, the sibilant and very high-pitched contact call (much the same in both species} a long monotone whistle (seeeeeeeee) is very hard to locate and also to hear for many people.

780 Russet-tailed Thrush 097B-190
780 Russet-tailed Thrush 139-170

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