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Brown-capped Emerald-Dove
Chalcophaps longirostris
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Click to listen to sound samples Emerald Doves are widespread outside Australia and occur in New Guinea, through to south-eastern Asia and as far away as India. In Australia, they were originally known as Green-winged Pigeons but because of their extra-limital distribution they are now referred to by their internationally accepted name. In Australia, there are two races, one across the top end and the other down the east coast almost to Melbourne. They live in humid habitats, often near rainforests and also fairly coastal in distribution.

Emerald Doves feed most of the time on the ground, often in weedy places on the edges of rainforest where there is lantana, inkweed and wild tobacco. Except when calling they are fairly unobtrusive and often alone. They rarely, if ever, form flocks. Adult males can be distinguished by the white mark on the shoulder.

Photo: 033201

033201 ... Emerald Dove, adult male.

Photo: 033202

033202 ... Emerald Dove, adult male on Lord Howe Island.

Photo: 033203

033203 ... Emerald Dove, immature.

Photo: 033204

033204 ... Males have a white shoulder patch.

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