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Pacific Black Duck
Also known as: Black Duck
Anas superciliosa
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Common and widespread all over Australia and Tasmania Pacific Black Ducks range also through the SW Pacific to New Zealand, New Guinea, Melanesia and Sumatra. Popularly known simply as Black Ducks, in Australia they are the ducks you are most likely to see, anywhere, anytime.

In permanent coastal swamps, Black Ducks tend to be sedentary but like most water birds they become more nomadic in times of flood, particularly inland. They feed mainly by dabbling on the surface, about half vegetative matter and the other half aquatic animal life.

Unfortunately they do interbreed with their close relative, the introduced Mallard. If you see a Black Duck with orange legs and feet, it is likely to be a hybrid.

Photo: 208001

208001 ... Pacific Black Duck.

Photo: 208002

208002 ... Pacific Black Duck

Photo: 208003

208003 ... Pacific Black Duck

Photo: 208004

208004 ... Pacific Black Duck

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