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Wedge-tailed Eagle. ("Wedgie")
Aquila audax
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Wedge-tailed Eagles are our largest bird of prey and occur all over Australia and Tasmania. In past years they were persecuted by landowners because of the perception that they preyed upon young lambs, but they are now protected in all states. In a bid to maximise numbers some merino sheep farmers used to select for ewes that produced twins, but merino ewes do not look after twins very well and may even walk away and leave the second one, making it prone to predation to foxes, eagles and exposure.

Photo: 224001

224001 ... Wedge-tailed Eagle.

Photo: 224003

224003 ... They usually lay one white and one spotted egg!

Photo: 224005

224005 ... Wedge-tailed Eagle

Photo: 224010

224010 ... Wedge-tailed Eagle

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