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Southern Emu-wren
Stipiturus malachurus
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Click to listen to sound samples Southern Emu-wrens inhabit dense low-growing heathlands around southern Australia and Tasmania from near Fraser Island in Qld around to Dirk Hartog Islnd in W.A. where there is a distinct isolated subspecies. They are extremely shy little birds and spend much of their time feeding low down in the dense shrub layer, close to the ground but only occasionally on it. Little detailed information about their life history is known. They appear to live as pairs or small family groups in permanent territories.

Photo: 526201

526201 ... Southern Emu-wren, male, Green Cape, NSW.

Photo: 526202

526202 ... Southern Emu-wren, male

Photo: 526203

526203 ... Southern Emu-wren, male, Green Cape NSW.

Photo: 526204

526204 ... Dense, low heath at Barren Grounds, NSW. where they are plentiful.

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