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Splendid Fairy-wren
Also known as: Turquoise Fairy-wren
Malurus splendens
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Click to listen to sound samples A male Splendid Fairy-wren in full breeding plumage could surely claim to be the most stunningly beautiful of all the fairy-wrens. Splendid Fairy-wrens have a very wide range across southern mainland Australia, from just west of the Great Divide in the east right across to the coast of W.A. In Queensland they occur as far north as the Winton district ( a very pale subspecies), in the N.T. north almost to the Tanami desert, and in W.A. as far north as Carnarvon and Newman but they are absent from much of southern WA east of Ravensthorpe and below the great Southern Railway.

Photo: 532002

532002 ... Splendid Fairy-wren, male in breeding plumage, Euabalong N.S.W.

Photo: 532005

532005 ... Male just beginning to acquire breeding plumage.

Photo: 532201

532201 ... Male of centralian race carrying a petal.

Photo: 532202

532202 ... NSW subspecies 'melanotus' carrying a petal.

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