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Grey Falcon
Falco hypoleucos
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Grey Falcons are one of the rarest and most attractive of our raptors and are eagerly sought after by most birdwatchers. Birds of the inland, they inhabit open country intersected by timbered watercourses, more often in Australia's northern half, however they are recorded occasionally in coastal regions. Recently, Grey Falcons have taken to nesting high up in radio aerials which are dotted around the outback.

Grey Falcons have been the subject of an intensive study now for more than 20 years - visit for more information.

Photo: 236205

236205 ... Grey Falcon, juvenile.

Photo: 236206

236206 ... Grey Falcon, adult, chasing a Northern Rosella, Mount Hart Station, Western Australia.

Photo: 236207-D

236207-D ... Grey Falcon, juvenile

Photo: 236208-D

236208-D ... Grey Falcon, juvenile

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