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Northern Fantail
Rhipidura rufiventris
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Click to listen to sound sample The Northern Fantail is aptly named - restricted to far northern Australia from just south of Townsville around to the Eighty-Mile Beach in W.A. and also the greater part of New Guinea and some outlying islands. Superficially like a Grey Fantail, it couldn't be more different in habits. Instead of actively flitting around like a butterfly, it spends much of its time quietly perched - the tail is never fanned like other fantails nor even held erect. Most insect food is captured in the air by sallying from a perch or on odd occasions to the ground.

Northern Fantails rarely associate with other birds - they could almost be termed anti-social. Seen mostly singly or in twos (probably pairs) and never in flocks, unless you hear one they are quite easy to overlook.

Photo: 363201

363201 ... Northern Fantail.

Photo: 363202

363202 ... Northern Fantail

Photo: 363203-D

363203-D ... Northern Fantail

Photo: 363204-D

363204-D ... Northern Fantail

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