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Black-throated Finch
Poephila cincta
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Black-throated Finches were once widespread in eastern Australia as far south as the north-west plains of NSW however they were considered extinct in that area even by 1900, part of a steady decrease of southern populations. As far north as Rockhampton, they had disappeared in the 1970s and now they are only found in NE Queensland north of the Burdekin River. Note that this disappearance applies only to the nominate white-rumped subpecies "cincta" - a second subspecies "atropygialis" is still widespread in far north-east Queensland and on Cape York.

Small flocks of the southern subspecies still persist in an area between Townsville and Chartres Towers - indeed, a reserve named Oak Valley Reserve has been declared by Townsville City Council to help their survival. This reserve is only 20 km or so west of Townsville city.

Photo: 667001

667001 ... Black-throated Finch, Georgetown, Qld. subsp. atropygialis

Photo: 667005

667005 ... Black-throated Finch

Photo: 667201

667201 ... Black-throated Finch

Photo: 667202

667202 ... Black-throated Finch, subspecies atropygialis

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