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Australian Birds

Brown Booby
Sula leucogaster

The Brown Booby is essentially a bird of tropical seas, in Australia ranging south to about Brisbane on the east coast and to near Dampier in W.A. Brown Boobies range closer inshore than other boobies and are frequently seen around harbours, river mouths and the like where they are partial to roosting on moored boats, channel markers and other structures. In the east, they have been known to nest as far south as islands in the Bunker Group (near Gladstone) but in W.A. there are huge nesting colonies in the Lacapedes just north of Broome. They feed on both fish and cephalopods and are adept at swimming under water using both the feet and wings. Their flight is fairly distinctive - alternating between a few flaps and a glide, often low over the water. They have been known to pirate food from other birds, mainly other boobies.

Photo: 102201

102201 ... Brown Booby.

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