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Banded Honeyeater
Cissomela pectoralis
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Banded Honeyeaters are the true nomads of the north - there one minute and gone the next. They wander through the woodlands of northern Australia in search of blossoming trees and their main food, nectar, although they feed also on the associated insects. When the times are right, they stay to breed and then, the males advertise their selected breeding territories in short vertical song flights. Such breeding events usually involve large aggregations of birds, sometimes hundreds.

Photo: 588201

588201 ... Banded Honeyeater.

Photo: 588202

588202 ... Banded Honeyeater, family including juvenile.

Photo: 588203

588203 ... Feeding amongst ash after fire - probably on the ash. Black Honeyeaters do this too.

Photo: 588204

588204 ... Male, right, displaying to female.

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