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Bar-breasted Honeyeater
Ramsayornis fasciatus
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Click to listen to sound sample Bar-breasted Honeyeaters occur across northern Australia from about Broome in the west and down the Queensland coast to Rockhampton. They are mainly found in vegetation fringing streams and swamps - their hanging nests are frequently built on a branch suspended over water. Fairly unobtrusive little birds, usually found singly or in pairs quietly working their way through the foliage, feeding on nectar and insects.

Photo: 596201

596201 ... Bar-breasted Honeyeater.

Photo: 596203

596203 ... Only two Honeyeaters, the Bar-breasted and Brown-backed build dome-shaped nests.

Photo: 596205

596205 ... Bar-breasted Honeyeater

Photo: 596206

596206 ... Bar-breasted Honeyeater

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