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Black Honeyeater
Sugomel niger
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Click to listen to sound samples Black Honeyeaters are arid zone nomads seeking out their favourite plants, flowering Eremophilas. In areas with more reliable climates, they do undergo more regular north-south movements to where Eremophilas regularly flower in the Spring. They usually arrive in an area in some numbers and when settling down to breed, the repeated " pee pee pee" songs of the males are a clear signal of their presence. They mark their territories with erratic song flights.

When nesting, the young nestlings are fed by both adults, for the first few days on nectar, but subsequently on insects or their larvae.

Photo: 589201

589201 ... Black Honeyeater, male at nest.

Photo: 589202

589202 ... Black Honeyeater, female.

Photo: 589203

589203 ... Black Honeyeater, nest and eggs

Photo: 589204

589204 ... Black Honeyeater, male

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