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Blue-faced Honeyeater
Melithreptus cyanotis
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Click to listen to sound samples Blue-faced Honeyeaters are widespread throughout eastern Australia with a very broad range of habitat preferences - they don't go into rainforest, coastal heathland or enter the arid zone but have adapted well to human habitation, frequenting parks and gardens. They are more common in Queensland than further south.

Like other Melithreptus, they live in family groups with green-faced immatures. Rather than build their own nest they often usurp an old nest of a babbler, a miner or friarbird. In some popular picnic grounds, they have learnt to scavenge at the tables for sweet scraps, even the remains in discarded drink bottles!

Photo: 641201-D

641201-D ... Blue-faced Honeyeater feeding on nectar of banana flower.

Photo: 641203-D

641203-D ... Blue-faced Honeyeater

Photo: 641204

641204 ... Blue-faced Honeyeater

Photo: 641205

641205 ... Two adults and one young one. A sociable species , they live in family groups.

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