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Brown Honeyeater
Lichmera indistincta
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Click to listen to sound samples Brown Honeyeaters are one of the plainest but certainly one of the noisiest honeyeaters in Australia. Wherever they occur, the almost incessant song of the males is a sure indicator of their presence. They occur over most of Australia in warmer climates but are absent from the south-east and the centre.

When nesting they occur in pairs but most of the nesting duties are carried out by the female. Males simply sing and defend the territory. They feed largely on nectar but also on insects.

Photo: 597201

597201 ... Brown Honeyeater.

Photo: 597202

597202 ... Brown Honeyeater feeding on Grevillea brownii, Perth, W.A.

Photo: 597203

597203 ... Brown Honeyeater

Photo: 597204

597204 ... Brown Honeyeater

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