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Brown-headed Honeyeater
Melithreptus brevirostris
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Click to listen to sound samples Although most members of the genus Melithreptus are communal, Brown-headed Honeyeaters appear to form larger groups - families of up to a dozen or so are not uncommon, but up to twenty have been recorded together, more than likely two or more groups attracted by food or water. They occur right across southern Australia in dry eucalypt woodlands, mallee in particular.

In any family, there is always the principal pair of adults, both easily identified by their orange feet! The old female does most of the nest building and incubation, but all (or most of) the other members help to feed the young.

Photo: 583201

583201 ... Brown-headed Honeyeater

Photo: 583202

583202 ... Brown-headed Honeyeater

Photo: 583203

583203 ... Brown-headed Honeyeater, juvenile with turquoise eye-ring.

Photo: 583204

583204 ... Brown-headed Honeyeaters live in family groups.

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