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Australian Birds

Graceful Honeyeater
Microptilis gracilis

Click to listen to sound samples Until recently, two very similar subspecies of Graceful Honeyeater were recognised in Australia. Recent research has indicated that these two are actually good species.

This more northerly one occurs from Cape York south to Princess Charlotte Bay - it also occurs in New Guinea. Further south between Cooktown and Townsville a very similar form occurs, now to be known as Cryptic Honeyeater. Between Princess Charlotte Bay and Cooktown there is a gap where neither species occurs. In the south Cryptic Honeyeaters are a common bird and are easily found around lowland rainforest, mangroves, along streams and also enter parks and gardens. In the north, Graceful Honeyeaters are not so often seen, mainly because of the remote nature of their range, but also they are not so widely distributed there as well.

Photo: 612210-D

612210-D ... Adult Graceful Honeyeaters have brown eyes and a round ear spot.

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