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Grey Honeyeater
Conopophila whitei
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Click to listen to sound samples Grey Honeyeaters inhabit the mulga woodlands of inland Australia mainly in the N.T. and W.A. Most of the places where people have seen them are fairly remote, so little is known about their life history. There are claims that they are nomadic and yet there are records of them nesting in the same locality year after year. A convenient place to look for them is the botanic garden in Alice Springs, but they are not there regularly. In W.A. the vicinity of Tom Price, near Mt. Bruce and also between Yalgoo and Payne's Find are all likely places to find them.

Like their close relative the Painted Honeyeater, they feed on the fruits of mistletoe and certainly at Kunoth Bore NW of Alice Springs where they are seen regularly and also known to nest there is dense mulga with plenty of mistletoe.

These pictures were taken in Sept 1970 at Wanjarri Nature Reserve S of Wiluna in W.A. The birds were inhabiting mulga close to the old Wanjarri homestead. They have been known to nest there near the shearing shed.

Photo: 599201

599201 ... Grey Honeyeater.

Photo: 599202

599202 ... Grey Honeyeater, Wanjarri Nature Reserve, WA.

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