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Grey-headed Honeyeater
Ptilotula keartlandi
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To coin a phrase -"Some like it hot!" and that is certainly the case with Grey-headed Honeyeaters - their range says it all, from the rugged ranges of the Pilbara in W.A. through the arid north-western interior right across to north-western Queensland. Mount Isa there is a good place to look. Grey-headed Honeyeaters not only inhabit shrubby country in the rugged gullies of the ranges, they also range through low-growing eucalpypt country in the deserts.

Grey-headed Honeyeaters normally occur in pairs when breeding, but like many arid zone birds after a good breeding season, numbers do build up and flocks of up to 100 have been recorded.

Photo: 621201

621201 ... Grey-headed Honeyeater.

Photo: 621202

621202 ... Grey-headed Honeyeater

Photo: 621203

621203 ... Grey-headed Honeyeater, non-breeding with yellow base to bill.

Photo: 621204

621204 ... Grey-headed (left) compared with Grey-fronted Honeyeater

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