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Striped Honeyeater
Plectorhyncha lanceolata
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Click to listen to sound samples Striped Honeyeaters are mostly sedentary and occur in family groups that occupy the same territories for years on end. They occur mainly throughout the inland woodlands of eastern Australia but also in suitable habitats (such as riverside Casuarina) nearer the east coast between Newcastle north to about Rockhampton.

Largely insectivorous, they also eat small fruits and berries and nectar when available. Their presence is always made obvious by their early morning territorial songs, a loud bubbling duet, usually sung by the adult pair but sometimes by several birds in unison. The fairly large cup-shaped nest is suspended at the end of an outside branch of a large tree and these days often includes a lot of wool.(see pic #585204)

Photo: 585201

585201 ... Striped Honeyeater.

Photo: 585202

585202 ... Striped Honeyeater

Photo: 585203

585203 ... One of our sociable species

Photo: 585204

585204 ... Striped Honeyeaters live in family groups.

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