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Australian White Ibis
Threskiornis molucca
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The Australian White Ibis occurs all over Australia except for the waterless deserts - occasionally it is also seen in Tasmania. The closely related Sacred Ibis is widespread from New Guinea through to Asia and Africa.

White Ibises live in swamps and flooded grasslands and unfortunately in recent times inhabit metropolitan rubbish tips. The odd individual even hangs around shopping centres scrounging for food scraps. In breeding plumage, White-Ibises show a beautiful scarlet strip beneath the wings (pic # 179204) that is shown during displays to advertise territory.

Photo: 179201

179201 ... Australian White Ibis.

Photo: 179202

179202 ... Australian White Ibis

Photo: 179203

179203 ... Australian White Ibis

Photo: 179204

179204 ... Australian White Ibis breeding plumage

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