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Glossy Ibis
Plegadis falcinellus
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The Glossy Ibis is a very widespread bird, almost around the world. In Australia it is absent from Gippsland and the far SW of W.A. and accidental to Tasmania. Doesn't occur in our waterless deserts either. Otherwise they can turn up in any suitable swamp or lake, probably temporarily because they are generally nomadic, seeking out the good times.

An uncommon bird, Glossy Ibises breed in fairly small colonies of up to 20 nests, mainly in the swamps of the Murry-Darling basin.

Photo: 178201-D

178201-D ... Glossy Ibis

Photo: 178202-D

178202-D ... Glossy Ibis

Photo: 178203-D

178203-D ... Glossy Ibis

Photo: 178204-D

178204-D ... Glossy Ibis

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