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Nankeen Kestrel
Falco cenchroides
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Nankeen Kestrels are probably our most common bird of prey, Australia wide. Hovering, hovering, forever hovering is almost the story of their lives. Nankeen Kestrels range over most of Australia - they like the wide open spaces where they can clearly scan the ground so they generally avoid forests and closed woodlands.

Probably our most frequently seen raptor along our country roads because road verges generally have grass a foot or so high, ideal for scanning from above , either by hovering or from power lines. Kestrels have a varied diet from insects, reptiles, birds to small mammals - mice are a favoured item and to this end, kestrels can see their urine trails which are visible in the ultra violet.

Photo: 240201

240201 ... Nankeen Kestrel.

Photo: 240202

240202 ... Nankeen Kestrel

Photo: 240203

240203 ... Nankeen Kestrel

Photo: 240204

240204 ... Nankeen Kestrel

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