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Azure Kingfisher
Ceyx azureus
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Azure Kingfishers frequent the coastal waterways of northern and eastern Australia from near Broome east to Cape York and south to Melbourne, Tasmania and almost to Adelaide. From mangrove lined estuaries to the narrow headwaters of our river systems they favour small creeks with steep banks in which they can dig their nesting tunnels.

Azure Kingfishers spend a lot of time on perches alongside streams where they sit quietly, sometimes for long periods, scanning the water. When they move, they fly fast and straight like a blue bullet and in flight, give their distinctive high-pitched "peeeeee" call.

Photo: 319201

319201 ... Azure Kingfisher.

Photo: 319202

319202 ... Azure Kingfisher

Photo: 319203

319203 ... Azure Kingfisher

Photo: 319204

319204 ... Azure Kingfishers are fond of the prop roots of mangroves as vantage points.

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