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Little Kingfisher
Ceyx pusilla
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Little Kingfishers are not your everyday bird - you don't see them often. Part of this is because of where they live - along small creeks and swamps in rainforest or the dense mangrove systems of the top end of the NT or from Cape York south to about Shoalwater Bay in Qld. Very similar in habits to the Azure Kingfisher, Little Kingfishers sit for long periods on a perch overhanging water into which they dive to catch their prey - mainly small fish or aquatic insects. They even sound like the Azure as well but the shrill whistle is higher in pitch.

Little Kingfishers also nest by tunnelling into a bank or sometimes a low termite mound.

Photo: 320201

320201 ... Little Kingfisher.

Photo: 320202

320202 ... Little Kingfisher

Photo: 320203

320203 ... Little Kingfisher

Photo: 320210-D


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