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Black Kite
Milvus migrans
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The Black Kite is also known as Fork-tailed Kite - their deeply forked tail is their most distinctive field mark. Black Kites can occur anywhere in Australia in open woodland and savannah country but are much more common in the north and arid inland. Black Kites are mainly scavengers, feeding on carrion and rubbish, particularly along the roadsides. They sometimes gather together in large numbers at concentrations of food, such as where animals are escaping bush fires. Non-breeding birds also roost close together in trees, often near water, in hot weather.

Photo: 229201

229201 ... Black Kite.

Photo: 229202

229202 ... Black Kite

Photo: 229203

229203 ... Black Kite

Photo: 229204

229204 ... Black KIte

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