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Black-shouldered Kite
Elanus axillaris
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Black-shouldered Kites are our most widespread, small black and white bird of prey - they occur all over Australia (and occasionally Tasmania) in open habitats. They feed largely on mice so if you see an unusual number of Black-shouldered Kites it is a sure sign of a mouse plague.

Black-shouldered Kites mainly feed by hovering about 10 metres or so above grassland, then descending in a vertical dive to catch their prey. Along the roadsides they also use power lines as a vantage point. They have remarkable eyesight and can spot the smallest movement from quite a long distance.

Photo: 232201

232201 ... Black-shouldered Kite.

Photo: 232202

232202 ... Black-shouldered Kite

Photo: 232203

232203 ... Black-shouldered Kite, juvenile.

Photo: 232204

232204 ... Black-shouldered Kite, nest and eggs

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