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Brahminy Kite
Haliastur indus
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Brahminy Kites are found close to the coast all around northern Australia from Shark Bay in the west around to near Newcastle in NSW. You rarely see them far inland where they occasionally wander up the coastal rivers. They are basically scavengers and feed mainly on fish and other aquatic life from the intertidal zone or nearby land where insects and frogs may be found.

Brahminy Kites search by flying fairly low in circles within their chosen feeding territories. Although they breed in pairs, you will rarely see more than one in any one place except when breeding where pairs may carry out aerial displays high in the air. Nesting duties are solely the province of the female and at that time, the male has to provide all the food.

Photo: 227201

227201 ... Brahminy Kite.

Photo: 227202

227202 ... Brahminy Kite

Photo: 227203

227203 ... Brahminy Kites

Photo: 227204-D

227204-D ... Brahminy Kite

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