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Red-collared Lorikeet
Trichoglossus rubitorquis
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Red-collared Lorikeets were originally treated as a full species back in the 1926 RAOU Checklist, but since that time they have largely been regarded as a subspecies of the Rainbow Lorikeet. A recent revision of this group has now reinstated them as a full species.

Red-collared Lorikeets occur only in northern Australia - from the Kimberleys across to the Leichardt River drainage in far NW Queensland.Distinctive field marks are the orange-red neck collar and a black belly.

Photo: 255201

255201 ... Red-collared Lorikeet, Derby W.A.

Photo: 255202

255202 ... Red-collared Lorikeet

Photo: 255203-D

255203-D ... Red-collared Lorikeet

Photo: 255204


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