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Frill-necked Monarch
Arses lorealis
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Click to listen to sound sample Frill-necked Monarchs inhabit the rainforests of far northern Cape York, south to near Weipa on the west side and to Silver Plains (near Coen) on the east side. They are effectively the treecreepers of the rainforest . However, whereas treecreepers always feed by ascending, the monarchs feed around the stems and trunks in a spiral motion, often hanging upside down. Once adult, Frill-necked Monarchs live as pairs in permanent territories in the rainforest, only occasionally visiting nearby open forest and woodlands in the wet season.

Frill-necked Monarchs are noisy and active birds and easily observed. When excited or aggressive, the white frill on the back of the neck is raised as in Pic.371205.

Photo: 371201

371201 ... Frill-necked Monarch, male

Photo: 371202-D

371202-D ... Frill-necked Monarch, male, has a black throat.

Photo: 371203-D

371203-D ... Frill-necked Monarch, male

Photo: 371204-D

371204-D ... Frill-necked Monarch, male

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