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Olive-backed Oriole
Oriolus sagittatus
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Click to listen to sound samples The Olive-backed Oriole is widespread throughout the eucalypt forests of northern and eastern Australia from near Broome right around the east coast almost to Adelaide. They inhabit humid and sub-humid forests and feed largely on fruit, but do glean insects and the like from the tree canopies. They are one of the few birds to eat hairy caterpillars but they very rarely descend to the ground. In the south and south-east Olive-backed Orioles are migratory and move to northern Australia in winter.

When breeding, they occupy territories where the females build a woolly-looking suspended nest, usually suspended at the end of an outer branch of a large tree. The males sing well at that time to advertise their ownership (listen on sound page) and they are also superb mimics.

Photo: 671201

671201 ... Olive-backed Oriole, adult.

Photo: 671202

671202 ... Olive-backed Oriole, Immature.

Photo: 671203

671203 ... Olive-backed Oriole

Photo: 671204

671204 ... Olive-backed Oriole

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