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Bourke's Parrot
Neopsephotus bourkii
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Click to listen to sound samples Bourke's Parrots are birds of the southern inland and in particular, the mulga zone. They can easily go unnoticed - more active at dawn and dusk their crepuscular colours allow them to blend well with their surroundings.

They are also well known to go to drink in the dark, well after nightfall, no doubt an adaptation to avoid predators. Whether they are also active at night in other ways is not known.

Photo: 304201

304201 ... Bourke's Parrot, adult.

Photo: 304202

304202 ... Male feeding female before she returns to the nest.

Photo: 304203

304203 ... Bourke's Parrot

Photo: 304204

304204 ... Showing how cryptic feeding birds are in mulga country.

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