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Mulga Parrot
Psephotus varius
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Click to listen to sound sample Mulga Parrots are not very aptly named because, although they do occur throughout mulga habitat in southern Australia, they are found in all sorts of vegetation but more importantly where there are eucalypts, because eucalypts provide their preferred nest hollows.

Mulga Parrots live in permanent territories as pairs and you rarely find them in flocks. They do join together in small groups at food sources or when visiting water, which they do every day at sunup or in very hot weather, several times a day. They feed on grasses and the fruits of herbs and low-growing annuals, usually on or near the ground - in arid areas where saltbushes abound, saltbush seed is an important part of their diet.

Photo: 296201

296201 ... Mulga Parrot, adult male.

Photo: 296202

296202 ... Mulga Parrot

Photo: 296203

296203 ... Mulga Parrot, adult female.

Photo: 296204

296204 ... Mulga Parrot

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