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Brush Bronzewing
Phaps elegans
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Click to listen to sound sample Brush Bronzewings inhabit the dense coastal heathlands of southern Australia and Tasmania, as far north as Shoalwater Bay on the east coast and to near Geraldton in the west and also a number of offshore islands including Houtman Abrolhos. In the east, they also occur further inland in dense thickets in mountain gullies and in W.A., mallee and other low shrublands between Wongan Hills and the Stirling Range. Shy and retiring, they are now fairly rare in eastern Australia and the best places to see them are along the south coast of W.A.

They feed, and even nest, mainly on the ground on fallen fruits and seeds and even though they live as pairs and maintain permanent territories, most observations are of solitary individuals. Adult males have a russet coloured crown whereas in females and young birds, this area is greyish.

Photo: 035001

035001 ... Brush Bronzewing, adult male with russet crown.

Photo: 035002

035002 ... Brush Bronzewing

Photo: 035201

035201 ... Brush Bronzewing adult male.

Photo: 035202-D

035202-D ... Brush Bronzewing, adult female.

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