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Flock Bronzewing
Also known as: Flock Pigeon
Phaps histrionica
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Flock Bronzewings are now restricted to the vast Mitchell Grass plains of the inland in northern Australia, but occasionally occur as far south as far north-western NSW and northern SA. Years ago, they used to be found as far south as the Hay plain in NSW, but no longer because of changes in land use. They have been known to congregate in very large flocks at times. The flock shown in these pictures I estimated at 100,000 strong on Coorabulka Station back in 1985. Harry Frith in his book "Pigeons and Doves 0f Australia" described a flock so large it was difficult to estimate the number. He said " Very large flocks were encountered to the west of the Stuart Highway south of Katherine (in 1968) and in that area I saw one such flock crossing the road. It was at least a kilometre from the front to the rear birds and the flock was 10 to 20 metres thick, flying on a front of perhaps 100 metres. There were many thousands in this mass of pigeons." Certainly an understatement!!

Photo: 036002

036002 ... Flock Bronzewings gathering to drink,

Photo: 036003

036003 ... Flock Bronzewing

Photo: 036005

036005 ... Flock Bronzewing

Photo: 036209

036209 ... When there is no space left at the water's edge, they land on the open water to drink.

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