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Forest Raven
Corvus tasmanicus
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Click to listen to sound samples In Tasmania the Forest Raven is the only corvid. In southern Victoria at the Otway Range and Wilson's Promontory in Victoria, the main breeding corvids are Forest Ravens, but elsewhere on the mainland up to three species can be found together. In Victoria and S.A. they are Forest Ravens, Australian Ravens and Little Ravens and in N.E. NSW Aust. Ravens, Forest (Relict) Ravens and Torresian Crows co-exist. People often compare Forest Ravens with Australian Ravens - they are much the same size and they have similar behaviour and ecology, but their voices are very different - the Australian Raven is a soprano and the Forest Raven a bass. (listen on sound pages) The closest relative to the Forest Raven is actually the Little Raven and these two can be much more difficult to separate on call. In some areas such as the N.E. Victorian coast and the Coorong in southeastern S.A. the odd medium-sized bird occurs that can be difficult to assign, a situation many serious birders are reluctant to accept.

Photo: 868203-D

868203-D ... Forest Raven - a brown-eyed juvenile of the New England race., Tea Gardens N.S.W.

Photo: 868204

868204 ... Forest Raven - range

Photo: 868205-D

868205-D ... Forest Raven

Photo: 868206-D

868206-D ... Forest Raven

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