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Buff-sided Robin
Poecilodryas cerviniventris
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Click to listen to sound samples Buff-sided Robins used to be regarded as a subspecies of the White-browed Robin, but these days the two are classed as full species. Buff-sided Robins occur across northern Australia from the Gulf of Carpentaria west to near Broome. They prefer humid habitats - sometimes in rainforest pockets or mangroves but they are widespread in streamside vegetation along creeks and rivers, particularly those lined with Pandanus aquaticus.

They occupy permanent territories in pairs or family groups of three or four. Fairly diverse in their feeding behaviour, they spend time on the ground or searching the tree trunks, but also sally for flying insects on occasions. A characteristic habit is that of cocking the tail and slowly lowering it, especially when alarmed.

Photo: 391201

391201 ... Buff-sided Robin, adult pair, West Baines River, N.T.

Photo: 391202

391202 ... Buff-sided Robin

Photo: 391203

391203 ... Buff-sided Robin

Photo: 391204

391204 ... Buff-sided Robin

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