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Eastern Yellow Robin
Eopsaltria australis
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Click to listen to sound samples The Eastern Yellow Robin occurs throughout the forests and woodlands of eastern and south-eastern Australia from Cooktown in Queensland south to Melbourne and west to the border of S.A. More widespread nearer the coast east of the ranges, Eastern Yellow Robins do occur further inland in places, even as far as areas of mallee in central NSW.

Their habit of sitting motionless on a perch watching for movement of prey has resulted in their becoming one of the most frequently photographed birds in Australia.The subspecies chrysorrhoa, once known as Northern Yellow Robin which has a rich yellow rump, inhabits coastal rainforests from The Hunter River NSW through to north Queensland.(see 392210D & 392213D) Eastern Yellow Robins once adult live in permanent territories as pairs although in winter, they may move locally into more open places like parks and gardens. When breeding occasionally three or even four birds may attend the nest, the extra helpers probably young from a previous nesting.

Photo: 392201

392201 ... Eastern Yellow Robin, after a bath.

Photo: 392202

392202 ... Eastern Yellow Robin, adult.

Photo: 392203

392203 ... Eastern Yellow Robin

Photo: 392204

392204 ... Eastern Yellow Robin

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