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Flame Robin
Petroica phoenicea
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Click to listen to sound sample Flame Robins could be termed the most flamboyant of all the Australian Robins. On the mainland they are essentially birds of the high country - in Tasmania they are a bit more widespread. The sight of a male Flame Robin up against the snow is certainly a sight to remember. In winter Flame Robins do descend to lower altitudes and spread across the open paddocks - they even migrate to a limited extent, reaching southern Queensland or Yorke Peninsula in S.A. At these winter quarters, up to 20 or so birds may gather in a loose flock, mainly of brown juvenile birds.

Flame Robins spend a lot of time on or near the ground. Even their nests are sometimes built on the ground or under a roadside bank. The female alone builds the nest and incubates the eggs, usually three or four in number. The male does bring food to her on the nest and also help to feed the nestlings.

Photo: 382201

382201 ... Flame Robin, adult male, Mt Ginini, A.C.T.

Photo: 382202

382202 ... Flame Robin, adult female, Mt. Ginini, A.C.T.

Photo: 382203

382203 ... Nest of Flame Robin built on the ground, Mt Ginini, A.C.T.

Photo: 382204

382204 ... Flame Robin

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