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Mangrove Robin
Peneoenanthe pulverulenta
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Click to listen to sound samples Mangrove Robins are just that, restricted to the coastal mangroves of northern Australia from Exmouth Gulf in W.A. around to near Proserpine in Queensland.This distribution is not continuous, but broken by the absence of suitable habitat, particularly the Eighty-mile Beach in W.A., but also in areas where the structure of the mangroves is not to their liking.

Mangrove Robins maintain permanent territories either as pairs or family groups. They spend most of their time either on or within a couple of metres of the ground feeding on insects or the odd small crustacean.

Photo: 388201

388201 ... Mangrove Robin, Point Sampson, W.A.

Photo: 388202

388202 ... Mangrove Robin, Karumba, Qld.

Photo: 388203

388203 ... Mangrove Robin

Photo: 388204

388204 ... Mangrove Robin

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